Farm Fresh Eggs For Sale

Farm Fresh Eggs For Sale

Pasture Raised Eggs versus Conventional Eggs

Twice the Vitamin E

Twice the Omega 3

Lower LDL Cholesterol

Higher in Beta-carotene

Twice the Vitamin D

Happier Chickens

Are All Eggs Created Equal?

Most definitely not. Research studies have concluded that eggs produced by chickens raised on pasture and feasting on natural forages, grasses, seeds, and insects are healthier than “commercial, cage-free, or free range” eggs. Pasture raised, Farm Fresh Eggs have twice as much vitamin E and more than twice as many Omega-3 Fatty Acids.  Pastured eggs were also found to be higher in vitamin A, have three times the amount of vitamin D, and are  lower in LDL Cholesterol

Conventional, Cage Free and Free Range Egg definitions differ from Pasture Raised depending on the research source, but generally speaking only Free Range and Pasture Raised Eggs have access to outdoor foraging, grasses, and guaranteed sunlight hours. 

Our chickens at Heart and Soul Farm NC have 24/7 access to grasses, forages, and insects. They have a mobile chicken coop with nesting boxes that provides shelter and nesting boxes when the chickens decide it is needed. They come out of their roosts in the morning and know to put themselves to bed a night. 

A more natural way to raise chickens that results in a superior egg.

If you would like to read more about the study, click here for the link to take you to Mother Earth News: Are Real Free Range Eggs Better?

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