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Our Mission

Heart & Soul Farm NC is dedicated to growing natural, healthy, and sustainable protein sources our family, our community, and you deserve by maintaining harmony with nature, employing the top regenerative agriculture principles, and embracing a holistic approach to sustainable farming.

About the Farm

Thank you for your interest in our Small Family Farm that focuses on Regenerative Agriculture and Sustainable Farming with our Katahdin Sheep and poultry. 

We pasture raise Registered Katahdin Hair Sheep for their ability to thrive in our North Carolina climate, the high quality of their meat, and their prolific reproduction ability. Their improved parasite resistance and adaptability to various forages makes them an optimal breed for the hot, humid regions of the Southeast United States. 

We also grow pasture-raised, cage-free Australorp, Buff Orpington, and Dominique Chickens for a sustainable meat and egg supply.  The chickens play a critical role in insect and parasite control, scratch and aerate the soil, spread manure, and leave behind natural nitrogen fertilizer. This unique, symbiotic relationship between our chickens and our sheep helps produce sustainable, rich pastures for the flocks to graze on. 

Each day we become more aware of the world we live in and strive to make improvements, and each improvement we make today can be the promise of a better future for generations to come. 

Feeding Chickens

Our Values

Care for the land

We hope to leave the land in better health for future generations by using regenerative agriculture and sustainable farming.


Be aware of the impact we have the land and strive to make improvements. Leave the land in better health for future generations.


We understand the way we handle our livestock impacts their stress levels, production levels, and overall health.

Support LOCAL

We support other local farmers and small businesses whenever possible to put resources back into our community.

Avoid Chemical inputs

We avoid the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides to protect the biodiversity of our soil and prevent runoff into community waterways.

Promote soil health

We minimize soil disturbances and maintain living root systems using "no-till" practices, co-species habitation, and rotational grazing.

Maintain biosecurity

We maintain Biosecurity measures to protect the health of our flock, as well as the flocks of our customers from infectious diseases.

Reconnect with our food

We hope to reconnect with our food, reduce waste, create a sustainable food supply, educate younger generations, and inspire others to grow food - even if they start with 1 plant or animal at a time.

Why is Regenerative Agriculture Important?

Regenerative agriculture is the future of the world’s food system. Due to carbon emissions from concentrated feedlots and soil instability from the increased use of fertilizers and chemicals, humanity is facing a vulnerable food supply.

Part of the solution is for farmers to focus on soil health and biodiversity; by limiting soil disturbances, adopting rotational grazing, utilizing animals to feed the soil with natural fertilizer, and allowing the weeds and native grasses to flourish. Avoiding chemicals and fertilizers also helps with water retention, safeguards against potential droughts, and prevents contaminated water from entering community water supply. 

All of these practices trap carbon in the soil, reduce soil erosion and water runoff, produce more nutritious forages to feed livestock, and provide healthier meat. 

Where you might see a field of weeds in this picture, we see a field of free food for our Katahdin Sheep and Poultry.

Learn more about the importance of Regenerative Farming and its impacts here: https://www.nrdc.org/stories/regenerative-agriculture-101#what-is

Regenerative Agriculture
You may see weeds, but our sheep see food!

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