Katahdin Sheep

Registered Katahdin Sheep for sale

Registered Katahdin Sheep For Sale in North Carolina

We offer Registered Katahdin Sheep for Sale at Heart & Soul Farm NC after the spring lambing season. Whether you need quality Registered and BioSecurity tested seedstock or a market lamb to fill your freezer, we can supply you needs.

Benefits of Heart and Soul Farm NC Katahdins

Biosecure, Closed Flock

We annually test our flock for Johne's Disease, Ovine Progressive Pneumonia (OPP), and Caseous Lymphodenitis (CL).

Multi-Species Grazing

We co-graze our Katahdin with Chickens on pasture. The chickens help with parasite control and decrease parasite load on pasture.

Monthly Fecal Egg Counts

We monitor Fecal Egg Counts month and maintain records. This reduces unnecessary chemical de-wormers and improves genetic selection.

Minimal Grain

We feed grain during last 6 weeks of pregnancy, through first 3-4 months of nursing, and to lambs under 6 months of age

Rotationally Grazed

Our Katahdin are Rotationally Grazed and electric polybraid trained to allow pastures to recover naturally between grazing periods.

DNA tested for Scrapies Resistence

All Sire Rams are Codon 171 tested prior to breeding and certified to be "RR."

Regenerative Agriculture

The animals spread natural fertilizer on the land, stomp in new seeds, chickens scratch manure, which all grows more nutrient dense forages.

Members of KHSI

We are members of Katahdin Hair Sheep International (KHSI). Flock ID HNSNC. Official registrar of Registered Katahdin Sheep.

Katahdin Sheep For Sale
Our Herd Sire, "Johnny"

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Katahdin Sheep Characteristics

Are Katahdin Sheep Easy to Care For?

 Katahdins are a low input meat production hair sheep. They are extremely adaptable and can thrive on a variety of forages. The ability to flourish in both the bone-chilling cold of the North and the stifling heat and humidity of the South is the virtue that sets Katahdin sheep apart from other breeds. This adaptability makes them a favorite today, particularly in the southeast, where they thrive in the region’s varied climate zones. 

Katahdin sheep grow thick coats of hair as winter approaches, but start shedding in the spring. Therefore, there’s no time-consuming shearing required.

Sheep for sale in north carolina
Katahdin Sheep For Sale NC

Are Katahdin Sheep Hardy?

Meat production was the primary objective when the Katahdin breed was developed. The average ewe weighs somewhere between 120 and 160 pounds, with rams tipping the scales at 180 to 250. Lambs are usually born vigorous and alert. 

A hardier breed with less maintenance required is a decided advantage, but it also turns out they also exhibit improved resistance to parasites. In the southeast, where parasites pose a constant threat year-round, this was the deciding factor on Heart and Soul Farm NC’s decision on breed selection.

Do Katahdin Sheep Reproduce Efficiently?

Katahdin are known for being prolific and capable of breeding out of season. The average ewe yields a 200% lamb crop with twins or an occasional triplet, although it’s common for a one-year-old to produce a single lamb.

The nurturing nature of a Katahdin is a spectacle to behold. They are exceptional mothers, usually birth without needing shepherd intervention, and have ample milk supply to rear their young. They feed, groom, constantly monitor and gently coax their offspring. Lambs in our flock always remain with their ewes.

Sheep for sale in north carolina
Katahdin Sheep For Sale in North Carolina

Are Katahdin a Good Fit for Rotational Grazing?

Our Katahdin are managed on pasture year round, with the exception of first time expectant mothers who are brought to the barn to deliver lambs and be monitored for any unexpected complications. We supplement with hay during winter months when forage is minimal.

Katahdin are adapted to eating grasses like all sheep, but also enjoy browsing more like a goat. They will eat a wider variety of forages than many other breeds of sheep, which makes them ideal for Rotational Grazing. They are managed easily with electric poly braid and are not prone to wanting to escape confinement like goats. 

Have any questions?

If you have any questions regarding our management, our biosecurity, or any our Registered Katahdin Sheep for Sale, please contact us. 

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